A fresh, innovative approach to network performance, customer experience and behaviour

Introducing FlowPulse® technology
a future beyond deep packet inspection (DPI)

Programmable Switches (P4) coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) overcomes the challenge of encryption and scale.

P4 uses commodity hardware to scale attribute extraction to Terabits-per-second.

AI engines trained on stochastic behavioural models classify and measure application performance without relying on packet content inspection.

FlowPulse® is the world’s most accurate, scalable, and cost-effective network traffic analytics technology for fixed and mobile networks.

Keep track of your flow

FlowPulse® in action

Good gaming performance

Poor gaming performance

Good streaming performance

Poor streaming performance

3 steps to integration

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Mirror your network traffic

Install optical taps at appropriate points in your Fixed or Mobile network

Install the probes

Deploy probes to classify traffic and measure user experience in real-time

Analyse at scale

Centralise data and generate insights through query engines and panels.

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